Gender History

Leora Auslander

Professor of European Social History and the College
Founding Director, Center for Gender Studies
Governing Board, Chicago Center for Jewish Studies
PhD 1988 Brown University

William Rainey Harper Memorial Library,
West Tower 608 – Office
(773) 702-7940 – Office telephone
(773) 702-7550 – Fax

Field Specialties

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century European social and cultural history with a focus on France and Germany; material culture and the built environment; culture and politics; Jewish history; gender history and theory; colonial and postcolonial Europe.


Awarded Faculty Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching and Mentoring

Susan L. Burns

Associate Professor of History, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, and the College
PhD 1994 University of Chicago

Social Science Research Bldg., room 221 – Office
(773) 702-8934 – Office telephone
(773) 702-7550 – Fax

Field Specialties

Early modern and modern Japanese intellectual and cultural history; medicine and the body; gender and women's history; law and gender.

Lucy K. Pick

Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Divinity School, Senior Lecturer in the History of Christianity, and Associate Faculty in History
PhD 1995 University of Toronto

1025 E. 58th Street
Room 306D
Chicago, IL 60637
(773) 702-8278 – Office
(773) 702-8223 – Fax


Field Specialties

Medieval religious thought and practice, relationships between gender and religion, connections between historical writing and theology, the development of monastic thought and practice, reading and writing as spiritual exercises, and the ways in which religion shapes lives through ritual

Lucy Pick

Amy Dru Stanley

Associate Professor of History and the College
PhD 1990 Yale University

Social Science Research Bldg., room 225C – Office
(773) 702-4327 – Office telephone
(773) 702-7550 – Fax

On Research Leave, 2014–2015

Field Specialties

Nineteenth-century United States; slavery and emancipation; capitalism and political economy; legal and gender; cultural, social, and human rights.

Christine Stansell

Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor in United States History and the College
PhD 1979 Yale University

(773) 702-3313 – Office
(773) 702-7550 – Fax

On Leave

Field Specialties

Women's and gender history; antebellum US social and political history; American cultural history; history of human rights and post-catastrophic societies.

Alison Winter

Professor of History, the Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science, and the College
PhD 1993 University of Cambridge

Social Science Research Bldg., room 206 – Office
(773) 834-7571 – Office telephone
(773) 702-7550 – Fax

Field Specialties

History of science and medicine since 1700; history of human sciences; modern British history and Victorian studies; gender; history of intellectual authority and popular culture; human sciences and the law.


Awarded 2014 Laing Prize by the University of Chicago Press

Tara Zahra

Professor of East European History and the College
PhD 2005 University of Michigan

Social Science Research Bldg., room 503 – Office
(773) 834-2599 – Office telephone
(773) 702-7550 – Fax

Field Specialties

Modern Europe; Eastern and Central Europe; transnational and comparative history; gender, childhood and the family; nationalism; migration and displacement.


Awarded 2014 MacArthur Foundation Fellowship

Discusses "Humanitarianism and Displaced Children in Twentieth-Century Europe" [video, 66 minutes]

Delivers Lecture at Shannon Prize Award Ceremony [video, 85 minutes]