History graduate students garnered many awards in 2017–18, including teaching prizes, internships through the Mellon Foundation's Making History Work pilot program, summer language and research grants, and dissertation fellowships.

Making History Work

Mellon Interns

Emily Masghati, records analyst intern, Office of Community Planning and Development, Housing and Urban Development (HUD), winter 2017
Sandra Park, intern, Courage project, Trinity College, Dublin, summer 2017
Eilin Rafael Pérez, intern, Bard Prison Initiative, spring 2017

The History Challenge invited graduate students to develop a public-history project related to the Hyde Park–Kenwood community in Chicago. The winning team received airfare, lodging, and registration to the American Historical Association's 2018 Annual Meeting.

Nicholas Kryczka, US 1900–Present
Emily Masghati, US 1900–Present
Savitri Sedlacek, US 1900–Present

Foreign Language Grants

Committee on Japanese Studies Professional Training Grant (summer) and 2017–18 Supplementary Grant

Ian Cipperly—Inter-University Center, Yokohama (Japanese)

Summer Foreign Language & Area Studies (FLAS) Grants

Nicholas Huzvai—University School of Croatian Language and Culture, Zagreb (Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian)
Roy Kimmey—Debreceni Nyßri Egyetem, Budapest (Hungarian)
Rose Malloy—Univerza v Ljubljani (Slovenian)
Amanda Mitchell—Caminhos Language Centre, Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese)
Stephanie Painter—University of Chicago (Japanese)
Keyao (Kyle) Pan—Sendagaya Japanese Institute, Tokyo (Japanese)
Benjamin Van Zee—Catholic University of Lublin (Polish)

2017–18 FLAS Fellowships

Abigail Bratcher—1st-year student (Russian)
Carl Kubler—3rd-year student (Japanese)
Yujie Li—1st-year student (Japanese)
Lina Mistron—1st-year student (Japanese)
Amanda Mitchell—2nd-year student (Portuguese)
Yasser Nasser—1st-year student (Chinese)
Stephanie Painter—2nd-year student (Chinese)
Sandra Park—3rd-year student (Russian)

Teaching Prizes

History Undergraduate Program Coordinator

The coordinator manages all aspects of the BA program in history and supports the faculty chair of the Collegiate Affairs Committee.

Kyle Gardner, International & South Asia

Bessie Louise Pierce Prize

Pierce Peceptors advise history undergraduates in the research and writing of BA essays and gain a year of experience in all aspects of undergradute teaching.

Mariana Brandman, US 1900–Present
Topher Kindell, US pre-1900
Nicholas Kryczka, US 1900–Present
Lisa Scott, Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Caroline Séquin, Modern Europe
Nicole Beckmann Tessel, Middle East/Islam

Chicago Center for Teaching Fellow

Fellows act as mentors to their students peers on issues related to teaching and pedagogy.

Nicholas Kryczka, US 1900–Present

Francis X. Kinahan Memorial Prize of Excellence in the Teaching of Writing for Advanced Undergraduates

Emily Forden Calderbank, Ancient

Masters of Art Program in Social Sciences Preceptor

Preceptors help MA students define their areas of academic specialization, choose courses, and select faculty sponsors; they also guide and evaluate the research and writing of MA papers.

John Cropper, Africa
Taeju Kim, International

Social Sciences Teaching Fellow

The program is for recent Chicago PhDs who wish to enhance their pedagogical skills and extend their research training.

Guy Emerson Mount—A Global History of Reparations (Win. 18)
Basil Salem, PhD '16

Von Holst Prize

Named for Hermann Eduard von Holst, first head of the Department of History (1892–1900), the prize is awarded to advance history students.

Emilio de Antuñano Villarreal—"The Migrant City: Migration, Urbanization, and the Making of the Americas in the Twentieth Century" (Aut. 17)
Elisa Jones—"Heretics and Martyrs:  The Problem of Toleration in the European Reformation" (Spr. 18)
Justin Niermeier-Dohoney—"Natural History and Empire, circa 1500–1800 (Spr. 18)

2017–18 Research Fellowships

Zachary BarrStevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge
Keegan BoyarCenter for Latin American Studies–Mellon (Mexico)
Emily Forden CalderbankNational Institute on Aging; Urban Network
Daina CoffeyHuntington Library; Urban Network
Jessa Dahl—Japan Foundation (Japan)
Charles FawellChateaubriand Fellowship (France)
Emily FordenNational Institute on Aging; Urban Network
Sonia GomezMIT Diversity
Haeyoung Kim—Fulbright (China)
Topher Kindell—Morris Fishbein Center for the History of Science and Medicine; Urban Network
Deirdre LyonsÉcole des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales Exchange, France Chicago Center
Erin McCullugh—Fulbright (Brazil)
Nicholas O'Neill—Fulbright (France)
Emily RapCollège de France Exchange, France Chicago Center
Charlotte RobertsonGeorges Lurcy (France)
Benjamin Van ZeeAmerican Councils Title VIII (Poland)

2017–18 Dissertation Completion Fellowships

Marcel Anduiza PimentelCenter for United States–Mexican Studies, University of California San Diego
Michaela AppeltovaT. Bentley Duncan
Mohamad BallanMellon–American Council of Learned Societies
Zebulon DingleyCharlotte W. Newcombe
Elizabeth FretwellCenter for the Study of Gender and Sexuality
Christopher Gatto—Andrew W. Mellon
Elisa JonesDoris G. Quinn Foundation
Tish Kahle—Andrew W. Mellon
Jared Kreiner—Andrew W. Mellon
Zachary Leonard—William Rainey Harper
Justin Niermeier-DohoneyT. Bentley Duncan
Eric Phillips—Andrew W. Mellon
Joshua Vera—Harry Barnard