Undergraduate Historians Win Prizes!

Today, Matthew Briones, faculty director of the Collegiate Affairs Committee, announced the winners of the 2017 BA Thesis Awards in History. This year, fifty-three students wrote theses and twenty were recommended by readers for prizes. The department will celebrate all of our graduating seniors' accomplishments at a reception for students and their families on Friday June 9, in the John Hope Franklin Room, 3:30 PM.  Congratulations!

Barnard Prize for the Best Thesis in US History
  • David Abraham, "Time, Work-Discipline, and the Mississippi and Tennessee Railroad, 1866–1886: Cliometric Commentary on Personal Clocks and Labor Costs" (Advisor: Jon Levy; Preceptor: Misha Appeltova)

Honorable Mention: Yumika "Miki" Takeshita, "'The Key to Our Community is Unity': The Struggle for Democracy, Citizenship and Community in Morningside Heights, 1947–1952" (Advisor: Adam Green; Preceptor: Sarah Weicksel).

Karafiol Prize for the Best Thesis in International or European History
  • Hansong Li, "Strategic Assimilation and Imperial Transformation: The Dual Role of Religious Conversion in Byzantine-Bulgarian and Song-Tangut Relations, 893–1038" (Advisor: Walter Kaegi; Preceptor: Elisa Jones)
  • Elliot Mertz, "The Mechanical Puzzle: The Eighteenth-Century English Past and the Hidden Role of Antiquarianism in Enlightenment Thought" (Advisor: Ada Palmer; Preceptor: Elisa Jones)

Honorable Mention: Frederic "Woody" Atwood, "Between Republicanism and Fascism: Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi's Politics of Neo-Aristocracy, 1920–1938" (Advisor: John Boyer; Preceptor: Phillip Henry).