Honor Roll

The BA Prize

Our students are very imaginative in creating their BA topics, working in all periods and places and using a wealth of sources, ranging from printed primary texts to pots in archaeological digs to manuscripts, musical scores, paintings, and statistical data in specialized archives. Note: The faculty advisor's name is followed by the preceptor's name.

African Studies Essay Prize, Committee on African Studies

—Colin Bos, "Black Man's Grave: Disease Discourse and Settler Colonialism in Sierra Leone and Liberia, 1820–1860" (Emily Osborn; Maura Capps), 2015.
—Patricia Stichnoth, "The Colonial State, Unwanted Applicants, and the Language of Mutual Obligation in Senegal, 1913–1921" (Rachel Jean-Baptiste; Eleanor Rivera), 2014.

Asada Eiji BA Thesis Prize, Center for East Asian Studies

—Alexander Hoare, "The Secret History of Textbooks and Manga: The Historical Narrative of the Bakamatsu and Meiji Era" (Susan Burns; Sarah Panzer), 2014.
—Keith Jamieson, "Peculiar Circumstances: Hong Kong in Britain's Empire, 1945-1952" (Susan Burns; Ke-chin Hsia), 2012.
—Dake Kang, “Not So Revolutionary: Soviet Inspirations and Military Justifications for the Planning and Construction of Beijing’s First Subway Line, 1950-1969” (Jacob Eyferth; Ryan Masaaki Yokota), 2016.
—Sandra Park, "Remembering the 'Jerusalem of the East': Recalling the Christian Heritage of North Korean in Light of the Recent Phenomenon of Christianization among Refugees from the DPRK" (Bruce Cumings; Casey Lurtz), 2013.
—Zhou Fang, "Navy and Nation: The Fuzhou Arsenal and China's Early Modernization" (Kenneth Pomeranz; Sarah Panzer), 2015.

Anna M. & George N. Barnard Prize in American History

—Morton (Doni) Bloomfield, "Regulatory Arbitrage and Catastrophic Financial Risk: The Case of the 1850s Midwestern United States" (Fredrik Albritton Jonsson; Sarah Jones Weicksel), 2014.
—Jenny Mao, "'With Branches All Over the World': The War Advertising Council and the Selling of Internationalism, 1941–1945" (James Sparrow; Phillip Henry), 2016.
—Elisabeth (Libby) Meier, "'Harbors to Make Greater Chicago': Chicago, Lake Calumet, and the Re-Visioning of the City, 1908–1921" (Michael Conzen; Sarah Jones Weicksel), 2013.
—Preston Thomas, "Synergy in Paradox: Nixon's Policies Towards China and the Soviet Union" (Mark Bradley; Sarah Panzer), 2015.

Oliver Cromwell Cox & Ernest Everett Just Prize, Office of the Deputy Provost for Research and Minority Issues

—Amber Bailey, "Chicago's Engine Company 21: An Experiment with Interracial Democracy in an Era of Reconstructions, 1872–1927" (Matthew Briones; Chris Dingwall), 2013.
—Karim Pirani, "Nascent Activism in a New Asian American Landscape: Gender, Media, and Politics after Vincent Chin" (Matt Briones; Jaclyn Sumner), 2014.
—Jaime Sánchez Jr., "Contested Constituency: Latino Politics and Panethnic Identity Formation in the 1983 Chicago Mayoral Election of Harold Washington" (Ramón Gutiérrez; Ashley Finigan), 2015.

Harold E. Goettler Political Institutions Thesis Prize

—Richard Deulofeut-Manzur, "The Diverse Santa Clara: How Justices, Attorneys, Reporters, and Railroad Owners Navigated the Rise of the Large Corporation" (Amy Dru Stanley; Sarah Jones Weicksel), 2014.
—Andrew Miller, "'What's the Matter with Ragen?' Politics, Masculinity, and Irish American Identity in Chicago, 1900–1927" (Amy Lippert; Sarah Jones Weicksel), 2013

Jewish Studies Undergraduate Essay Prize, Chicago Center for Jewish Studies

Jonathan Katz, "'Belonging to a Strange Nation': Paarl Jews, Marburg Norwegians, and the White Settler Landscape in Colonial South Africa, 1890–1930" (Rachel Jean-Baptiste; Jaclyn Sumner), 2014.

Emil Karafiol Prize in European and International History

—Colin Bos, "Black Man's Grave: Disease Discourse and Settler Colonialism in Sierra Leone and Liberia, 1820–1860" (Emily Osborn; Maura Capps), 2015.
—Kelsey Norris, "'With Unwomanly Strength': The Blockade Writings of Ol'ga Berggol'ts and Vera Inber and the Role of the Soviet Writer in Besieged Leningrad" (Faith Hillis; Flora Roberts), 2013.
—Thomas Prendergast, "From 'Self-Formation' to 'National Education': Friedrich Gundolf, Friedrich Wolters, and the Crisis of Historicism, 1908–1933" (Michael Geyer; Sarah Panzer), 2014.
—Sam Spiegel, "A Balancing Act: An Alternative Theory of Pre-Coinage Currency in Ancient Greece" (Alain Bresson; Flora Roberts), 2013.
—Ben Spikol, "Family and the Rise and Fall of British Industry: John Shaw and His Sons, 1750–1929" (John Craig; Kyle Gardner), 2016.

St. Margaret of Scotland Prize, Committee on Medieval Studies

—Alice Blackwood, "Robin Hood as a Festive Figurehead for Local Autonomy in the Sixteenth Century" (Jonathan Lyon; Aiala Levy), 2013.
—Mihow McKenny, "Salvation through Art: Sacramental Penance in Dante's Divine Comedy" (Rachel Fulton Brown; Christopher Fletcher), 2015.
—Alexandra Peters, "Evolution through Edits, Erasures, and Emendations: Alfonso X, the Estoria de Espanna Manuscripts and the Creation of a Political Ideology in Thirteenth-Century Castile-Leon" (David Nirenberg; Christopher Fletcher), 2014.
—Jake Ransohoff, "From Bulgarian Prince to Byzantine Proedros: Samuil Alousianos, the Alousianos Family, and the Anatomy of Bulgarian Assimilation in Eleventh-Century Byzantium, circa 1019–1081" (Walter Kaegi; Erika Vause), 2012

Ruth Murray Essay Prize in Women's Studies, Feminist Criticism, and Gender Studies, Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality

—Melissa High, "Creating Wartime Community: The Work of Chicago Clubwomen during World War II" (Jane Dailey; Sarah Jones Weicksel), 2014.
—Stephanie Xiao, "Love in the Time of Chinatown: Marriage, Race, and the Making of the Chinese Family" (Matthew Briones; Guy Emerson Mount), 2015.

Nicholson Center for British Studies

—Claire Arnold, "'The Delights of a Plunge into the Unknown': Reimagining Children's Adventure Literature in the Nineteenth Century" (Leora Auslander; Eleanor Rivera), 2014.
—G. Philip Crean IV, "The Lion, the Eagle, and the Springbok: The Unspoken Assumptions of 1898 and the Second South African War" (Fredrik Albritton Jonsson; Kyle Gardner)
—Pranav Jain, "John Sadler (1615–1674): Religion, Common Law and Reason in Early Modern England" (Adrian Johns; Christopher Fletcher), 2015.

Undergraduate Essay Prize, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Alyssa Bivins, "The State (and Non-State) of Education Development in the West Bank" (Orit Bashkin; Sarah Panzer), 2015

Travel Grants & Fellowships

T. Kimball Brooker Prize for Undergraduate Book Collecting, University of Chicago Library

Rose Berman for her collection, "Antoine de Saint Exupéry: Pilot, Author, and Friend," 2015.
G. Philip Crean IV for his collection, "The Rise and Fall of European High Imperialism," 2014.
Jake Ransohoff for his collection, "The Mirror of Heaven: Church, State, and Society in the Byzantine Empire," 2010.
Rachel Schastok for her collection, "Zines and Tramp Literature," 2013.

Dean's Fund for Student Life, the College

Elizabeth Lindberg, 2017
Jenny Mao, 2015
Jennifer Standish, 2015

Foreign Language Acquisition (FLAG) Grant, the College

Patrick Reilly, 2015

Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Grant

Nadine Yeatman, 2015

François Furet Travel Grant, France Chicago Center

Hansong Li, 2016
Morgane Martinet, 2014
Zhou Fang, 2014

Gates Cambridge Scholarship, University of Cambridge

Timothy M. Rudnicki, 2014

Charles M. Gray Research Fellowship, the College

Emily Espinel, 2016
Hansong Li, 2016

Journalism, Arts, and Media Grant, University of Chicago

Isaac Stein, 2015
Preston Thomas, 2015

Humanitarian Award, Student Leadership

Haben Ghebregergish, 2014

Human Rights Grant, Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

Theresa Yuan, 2015

Human Rights Internship, Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

Alyssa Bivins, 2014
Hayley Goldstein, 2016
Kayli Horne, 2015

Lincoln Scholarship, Lincoln Academy of Illinois

Alyssa Bivins, 2014

Arthur Mann Travel Grant

Helena Bassett, 2015
Drew Donaldson, 2015
Emma Herman, 2016
Ula Kula, 2014
Sarah Miller, 2014
Ella Schwamm, 2014
Jane Tuszynski, 2016

Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship

Jaime Sánchez Jr., 2014

Philip E. Montag, AB '58, and Glenn Swogger, AB '54, Research Fellowships

Ione Barrows, 2014
Tom Carey, 2016
Caitlin Conroy, 2016
Philip Crean, 2015
Emily Espinel, 2016
Julia Fournier, 2016
Charles Fox, 2014
Natalie Friedberg, 2016
Dake Kang, 2015
Morgane Martinet, 2014
Siobhan O'Carroll, 2016
Mary Otoo, 2016
Kevin Otradevec, 2015
Tamsin Parzin, 2014
Adam Swingle, 2014
Jane Tuszynski, 2016
Stephanie Xiao, 2014
Zhou Fang, 2014

Howell Murray, SB 1914, Alumni Association Award, the College

William Fernandez, 2015

Ann Natunewicz Travel Award, Geographic Studies

Jonathan Morris, 2016

PRISM Research Grant, Career Advancement & FLAG Grant

Hansong Li, 2016
Maya Landau, 2016
Morgane Martinet, 2014
Avital Morris, 2016
Patrick Reilly, 2015
Michelle Shang, 2016

RISE Up Award, Student Leadership Award

Jaime Sánchez Jr., 2015

Study Abroad Scholarships for Odyssey Scholars, Goldman Sachs—Strongin Education Fund

Preston Thomas, 2014

Seidel Scholars, Career Advancement

Makenzie Coker, 2016
Lewis Page, 2016

Travel Grant, Nicholson Center for British Studies

Emily Cambias, 2017
Hansong Li, 2016
Elizabeth Lindberg, 2017
Jonathan Morris, 2016
Hilde Nelson, 2014
Chloe Saddler, 2014
Benjamin Spikol, 2015
Kelly Wood, 2014

F. Champion Ward Third-Year International Travel Grant, the College

Students received the F. Champion Ward Third-Year International Travel Grant prior to 2017.

Tom Hellenbrand, 2017
Hansong Li, 2106
Rebecca Liu, 2014
Mara McCollum, 2015
Alison McManus, 2015
Paige Pendarvis, 2015
Theresa Yuan, 2015

Dr. Thomas T. Yatabe Memorial Scholarship, Japanese American Citizens League

Yumika (Mika) Takeshita, 2016