The University of Chicago is justly called the teacher of teachers, because of the number of Chicago graduates who go on to teach and conduct research at colleges and universities in the United States and abroad. Together with the support you will receive from your dissertation director during your academic job search, there are several services to help you find an appointment as a professional historian and teacher.

Placement Statistics

In 2013-14 (Summer 2013-Spring 2014), a full 72 percent of graduates accepted academic positions (40 percent tenure-track, 20 percent postdoctoral fellowships, and 12 percent full-time researchers or lecturers) in universities across the United States, as well as in England, China, Japan, and Turkey.

The American Historical Association, the Foundation for California, and the University of Chicago’s Center for Contemporary Theory hired four of our graduates to run various programs. 

Statistics from 2001-2014 Please note that the statistics use Autumn-Summer as the year (e.g. Autumn 2013-Summer 2014). Our stats above are from Summer 2013-Spring 2014, which explains the slight difference in numbers between the article above and the chart.

Job Announcements

To receive e-mails of job and workshop announcements students and alums may subscribe themselves to:

The Chronicle of Higher Education Career Network is available on-line, or as a paper copy in the History office, SSRB 330. The Department also has paper copies of the American Historical Association Perspectives

Workshops and Mock Interviews

In early autumn, History’s Fellowships and Placement Committee in conjunction with "Making History Work" offers a workshop on the academic job search for students who are currently on the job market or anticipate being on the market in a year’s time. The workshop covers such issues as elements of an application and a dossier; tenure-track versus postdoctoral positions; making the short list; interviewing; and campus visits.

In late November or early December, students who will be interviewing at the American Historical Association’s annual meeting or other conferences can participate in Mock Interviews with members of the History Department faculty. Contact the History Department office to schedule an interview.

After the American Historical Association's January convention, the committee meets to discuss on-campus job talks with students who interviewed at AHA.