Many History majors research and write a major independent paper as the capstone of their university experience. Here are a few recent prizewinning projects:

  • Jonathan Morris, "Little Britons in Little Britain: Urban Children, Country Landscapes, and National Solidarity in East London's WW II Child Evacuations," 2017
  • Michelle Shang, "'I Almost Forgot I was a Girl': Maoist Gender Politics and the Memory of Gender in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, 1966–1976," 2017
  • Jenny Mao, "'With Branches All Over the World': The War Advertising Council and the Selling of Internationalism, 1941–1945," 2016
  • Colin Bos, "Black Man's Grave: Disease Discourse and Settler Colonialism in Sierra Leone and Liberia, 1820–1860," 2015
  • Preston Thomas, “Synergy in Paradox: Nixon's Policies toward China and the Soviet Union,” 2015
  • Morton (Doni) Bloomfield, "Regulatory Arbitrage and Catastrophic Financial Risk: The Case of the 1850s Midwestern United States," 2014
  • Alexander Hoare, "The Secret History of Textbooks and Manga: The Historical Narrative of the Bakamatsu and Meiji Era," 2014