Recent Faculty Publications


Uncountable David Nirenberg and Ricardo Nirenberg.jpg Time of Anarchy_Kruer.jpeg ages of american capitalism_levy_cover.jpeg
climate of history_chakrabarty_cover.jpeg hillis_utopia's discontents_cover.jpeg
Jenkins_Histories of Racial Capitalism_250px.jpg white fright_cover_dailey.jpeg Tenorio Clio's laws 250 px.png
mary and the art of prayer_brown_cover.jpeg The Republic of Color by Michael Rossi A History of Leprosy and Japan by Susan L. Burns
The Soviet Lives of Western Culture by Eleondry Gilburd The White Power Movement and Paramilitary America by Kathleen Belew Animal Labor & Colonial Warfare by James L. Hevia
 Traffickers and Family Life in North China by Johanna S. Ransmeier  Patrimony, Capitalism, and Slavery in French Saint-Domingue by Paul Cheney  Five Lives from Twelfth-Century Germany by Jonathan R. Lyon