Our undergraduate history alumni have built successful careers in a wide variety of fields. Here is a selection of distinguished alumni:

Academia and Public History

Barton C. Hacker (1955)—curator, Smithsonian Institution; American history, Armed Forces Division
Anthony Grafton (1971)—Henry Putnam University Professor of History, Princeton University
John Komlos (1978)—professor emeritus of economic history, University of Munich, Germany
Robin Leigh Einhorn (1982)—professor of history, University of California, Berkeley
Carol Everhart Quillen (1983)—president, Davidson College
Rick Perlstein (1992)—journalist and political historian
Michael J. Allen (1996)—associate professor of history, Northwestern University

Journalism and Public Discourse

Seymour Hersh (1958)—New Yorker, and a long career of investigative journalism that broke the My Lai and Abu Ghraib stories
David B. Brooks (1983)—New York Times, NPR, and more; trustee of the University of Chicago
Ana Marie Cox (1994)—Wonkette, MTV News, New York Times Magazine, Manchester Guardian, Mother Jones, Crooked Media
Lauren Goldenberg (2008)—deputy directory, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center for Scholars and Writer, New York Public Library
Katherine Jinyi Li (2013)—staff writer, plus55, São Paulo
Tim Murphy (2009)—senior reporter, Mother Jones
Nelson D. Schwartz (1995)—New York Times
Joseph Rosenberg (2004)—producer of NPR's Snap Judgment

Politics, Law, and Public Policy

Rose Berman (2015)—research fellow, National Institutes for Health
William Fernandez (2015)—youth development coordinator, Peace Corps, Costa Rica
Philip Giraldi (1968)—executive drector, Council for the National Interest, CIA operative, antiwar activist, Middle East policy expert
James Swanson (1981)—senior scholar, Heritage Foundation; author of Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer
Samuel D. Kass (1998)—senior food analyst; White House advisor on nutrition and senior advisor to Michelle Obama's Let’s Move! initiative
Dalita Ani Balassanian (2001)—policy specialist, United Nations' Office of Development
Sarah Elizabeth McKinley (2002)—director of community development programs, Democracy Collaborative
Maureen Tracey-Mooney (2005)—Deptartment of Labor special assistant; White House senior policy analyst; Broad Center fellow
Mohammad Hasan Ali (2006)—Senate Judiciary Committee senior council
Kristin Greer Love (2006)—Civil rights fellow, ACLU of New Mexico
Leah E. Olm (2007)—fund-raiser, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado and Wellstone

Creative Fields

Philip Kaufman (1958)—filmmaker
Christina Kahrl (1990)—founder of Baseball Prospectus; ESPN Baseball writer; activist
Lauren Ayn Lickus (2001) and Charles Gabriel Rhoads (2001)—BBQ Films founders
Evan Howell Sharp (2005)—Pinterest cofounder
Christina McBride Sharp (2005)—jewelry designer; head of digital global business marketing at Facebook

Business and Finance

Philip Crean (2016)—strategic analyst, IRi, Chicago
Alexandra "Ola" McLees (2013)—corporate intelligence research analyst, KPMG, London
Bernard Munk (1960)—foreign policy advising, economic advising, consulting, much more
Tim Rudnicki (2014)—associate, Boston Consulting Group
Patrick Spain (1974)—healthcare entrepreneur