PhD students in East Asian history at the University of Chicago study modern China, modern Korea, and early modern and modern Japan. Our program has distinguished faculty in each of these areas, and our alumni hold positions in the major universities in the United States and abroad. Students and faculty also work across national boundaries in the East Asian field as a whole. For instance, students in Japanese history will often have a Chinese or Korean historian on their committees (and vice versa) and our workshops and courses are often designed cross-nationally with the wider region in mind. Most faculty members have joint appointments in the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations.

The East Asian Collection in Regenstein Library, one of the finest in the country, holds approximately 850,000 volumes in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Manchu, Mongolian, and Tibetan. The Center for East Asian Studies is another important force in graduate student life. CEAS works to foster communication and cross-disciplinary collaboration among students and professors at the university and throughout the wider East Asian studies community. It sponsors and coordinates workshops, colloquia, conferences, and film series and provides information to current and prospective scholars on academic programs, scholarships, and other resources available within and outside the university.