The Department of History matches a rigorous course of study with excellent teaching, the vast majority of which is conducted by tenure-line faculty. We are proud that our faculty includes twenty winners of the Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching and awards for originality in research including five MacArthur Fellowships. Meet our faculty most recently honored for their outstanding teaching and research here!

Quantrell Award, 2016: Emily Lynn Osborn

"I know that African Civ may be the first and only time that students take a class on Africa,” says Osborn, “I feel a very strong commitment to equip them with knowledge and tools about the continent, so that they may counteract many of the reductive stereotypes about Africa that characterize it only as a place of poverty, sickness, and warfare." Osborn joins several other Quantrell winners who are currently offering courses in the History Department: Matthew Briones (2015), Adam Green (2011), Amy Dru Stanley (2009), Rachel Fulton Brown (2007), Edward Cook Jr. (2003), Moishe Postone (1999), Kathleen Conzen (1995), Jan Goldstein (1988), and Robert Richards (1982).

MacArthur Fellow, 2014: Tara Zahra

The MacArthur Foundation praised Zahra, a historian of Central and Eastern Europe, for "challenging the way we view the development of the concepts of nation, family, and ethnicity and [for] painting a more integrative picture of twentieth-century European history. With conceptual and empirical rigor, Zahra's writings combine broad sociohistorical analysis with extensive archival work across a wide range of locales." Zahra joins other History Department MacArthur Fellows Ramón Gutiérrez (1983), Cornell Fleischer (1988), Thomas Holt (1990), and Noel Swerdlow (1998).