2019–20 Committees


Advisory and Policy

  • Emilio Kourí, chair, Latin American history
  • Dain Borges, Latin American history
  • Susan Burns, Japanese history
  • Jonathan Levy, United States history
  • Jonathan Lyon, medieval history


  • Jonathan Levy, chair, United States history
  • Brodwyn Fischer, Latin American history
  • Jonathan Hall, ancient Greek history
  • Adrian Johns, British history and history of science
  • Tara Zahra, East European history


  • Susan Burns, Japanese history
  • Emilio Kourí, Latin American history
  • Jonathan Lyon, medieval history


  • Dain Borges, chair, Latin American history
  • Rachel Fulton Brown, medieval history
  • Eleonora Gilburd, Russian history
  • Matthew Kruer, United States history
  • Richard Payne, Middle Eastern history

Graduate Student Affairs

  • Jonathan Lyon, chair, medieval history
  • Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, British history
  • Adam Green, United States history
  • Amy Dru Stanley, United States history
  • Mauricio Tenorio, Latin American history

Undergraduate Studies

  • Susan Burns, chair, Japanese history
  • Matthew Briones, United States history
  • Destin Jenkins, United States history
  • Emily Osborn, African history
  • Michael Rossi, history of science

Pedagogy and Academic Job Market Workshops Coordinator

  • Jane Dailey, United States history
  • Alice Goff, German history

Website Coordinator

  • Faith Hillis, Russian history