We invite all PhD students in the Department of History to participate in the History Graduate Student Association. HGSA serves two primary functions:

  • To advocate for graduate-student interests to the faculty and administration by engaging in a dialogue about what works well and what needs improvement in our collective experience.
  • To sponsor social and cultural events that help to form friendships and to put aside academic stress from time to time; we invite you to propose and request funding for an event.

We have a core group of leaders:

Nick Foster, President
Evelyn Kessler, Vice President
Bob Kaminski, Secretary
Erin Newton, Treasurer
Nathalie Barton and Julia Mead, Events Committee Co-Chairs

HGSA has a low threshold of commitment for interested students outside the core group—you are welcome to participate to the level that you are willing and able. We take into consideration that your commitment may fluctuate from quarter to quarter depending on your program requirements or research trips. Feel free to contact us through hgsa@lists.uchicago.edu with ideas on building connections with faculty and administration, to propose a professionalization series or one-time event, or to plan a social or cultural event.

The Student Life Fee supports 100 percent of HGSA's budget.