History is a rigorous and rewarding major at the University of Chicago. We offer more than eighty undergraduate courses each year, ranging from introductory lectures on broad themes to small seminars devoted to the intensive study of a particular historical moment.

History majors have the option of pursuing the BA thesis track, the capstone track, or the colloquium track.  Each track allows you to gain expertise in a specific historical period, place, or theme by defining a major field and gives you an opportunity to complete an original research project.  In the case of the colloquium track, you will write an original research paper of approximately 15 pages, while in the research track you will pursue research in the BA seminar and research and write a BA thesis of 40-50 pages.  The capstone track gives you the freedom to decide how to present your research.  You can make a short documentary, a podcast, build an online exhibit, write a work of historical fiction—and more!