Students specializing in all disciplines are welcome to minor in history. Majors in global studies, political science, public policy, economics, and philosophy find that a history minor provides a historical understanding of social, cultural, political, and economic issues. Majors in mathematics and the sciences use the minor to explore a different area of interest and to develop their humanistic understanding of the world. You may choose to take courses in a variety of fields, time periods, and thematic topics, with the aim of developing a broad understanding of historical change across time and space, or you may choose to focus on a specifically defined field of interest.

Whom should I contact? What forms do I fill out?

You should contact the associate director and complete the minor declaration form no later than the end of the third year.

What are the requirements?

The history minor requires a total of six courses (HIST 29803 Historiography and 5 HIST course-numbered electives) chosen in consultation with the associate director. Courses in the minor

  • may not be double counted with the your major(s) or with other minors;
  • may not be counted toward general-education requirements;
  • may not be petitioned in from other departments;
  • must be taken for quality grades; and
  • must consist of more than half courses bearing University of Chicago course numbers.