Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Kyle Gardner, PhD candidate
Social Science, room 225
(773) 702-2178
Office Hours: Monday 10 AM–1 PM; Tuesday 10 AM–1 PM; Wednesday 2–4 PM; Thursday 2–4 PM; Friday 10 AM–1 PM

The undergraduate coordinator may be the first person you contact in History, before or after choosing the concentration, and will serve as your source of information. The coordinator maintains the email listhost, ugradhistory@lists.uchicago.edu, sends out information about internships and fellowships, and maintains the undergraduate bulletin board. The coordinator can be contacted with questions about requirements, opportunities, and deadlines.

Collegiate Affairs Faculty Committee

The committee decides questions of requirements, transfer credits, and departmental honors and prizes. The members also serve as faculty advisors for History majors. Please feel free to make an appointment with the committee chair to discuss the program, your departmental advisors, or any other concerns you may have:

Undergraduate Preceptors

Preceptors teach the BA Seminar, work with you on your thesis, help you to develop your ideas into manageable projects, and aid you in navigating the practical aspects of research and writing. In addition, your preceptor advise you on courses, senior-year requirements, and is a valuable resource for information about the career opportunities with a degree in history, especially questions concerning graduate school. Preceptors are advanced graduate students who have a wide range of teaching and research experiences. They are selected by the Collegiate Affairs Committee and usually serve a two-year term. The preceptor office is in Foster Hall, room 4, which is in the basement.