Graduates from the Department of History PhD program go on to careers in the academy, government, nonprofits, and the private sector.

In 2013 the American Historical Association conducted a comprehensive study of the career success of historians who received their PhDs between 1998 and 2009 from thirty-four private and public US institutions, including Chicago. You may wish to read the final report or explore the AHA's interactive database of History PhD Career Outcomes. For Chicago PhDs, 70 percent pursue research and teaching positions at public and private universities throughout the world, 15 percent are administators in higher education or nonprofits, and 10 percent work in government or business.


  • The Department of History's annual Placement Workshop series is open to all History PhD students and prepares students for navigating the job market, conference presentations, networking, preparation of the portfolio, job talks, and other career opportunities.
  • The Chicago Center for Teaching provides a certificate in teaching, teaching consultations, training in course design and college teaching, and an advanced fellows program.
  • The University of Chicago Graduate Office provides advising, internships, and job fairs for all Chicago graduate students and alumni. PATHS (Professional Advancement and Training for Humanities Scholars) provides additional resources for History students at all stages of their academic careers.

Job Market Candidates

If you are interested in hiring a Chicago PhD, please review our group of students and recent alumni on the job market.