We are so glad that you are considering studying history at the University of Chicago. History is an excellent discipline to study, providing strong preparation for careers in academia, law, journalism, business, and public service, among other fields. Our department prides itself on its top-notch teaching and rigorous training in research methods, and on the meaningful intellectual relationships that our students form with their professors.

For High School Students

Admissions: Your first step to studying history at Chicago is to apply for admission to the College. History is a popular major and minor and recent graduates go on to brilliant careers as lawyers, politicians and policy makers, curators, entrepeneurs, consultants, teachers, and community activists.

Your Campus Visit: Make the most of your visit by doing some research before you arrive! Find out about our award-winning faculty and amazing students. See a course that interests you? Then be sure to join the class and find out how we do history here. You will want to take a campus tour, guided by an undergraduate who has learned the amazing feat of answering questions while walking backwards.

You're In! Now What? Don't be a stranger. Join the history undergraduates' list, ugradhistory@lists.uchicago.edu, come to our parties, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and take a Civ sequence in your first year.

John Boyer, AM 69, PhD '75, dean of the College and a professor in history,
shares his favorite campus spots.