The BA Prize

Our students are very imaginative in creating their BA topics, working in all periods and places and using a wealth of sources, ranging from printed primary texts to pots in archaeological digs to manuscripts, musical scores, paintings, and statistical data in specialized archives. Note: The faculty advisor's name is followed by the preceptor's name.

History Department Capstone Prize

—Jack Capizzi,"History Accelerated: The Great Disruptions of 1968," (Mark Bradley), 2022

Anna M. & George N. Barnard Prize in American History, Department of History

—Brennan Szabo, “I let the government worry about it”: The Atomic Bomb, a Distrustful Public, and Postwar Consumerism in American Culture," (Kathleen Belew), 2022
—Catherine Veronis, "Along the Lakefront, ‘Menacing Unknowns’: Strategies of Citizen Intervention and Environmental Foresight in Nuclear Power Plant Hearings on Lake Michigan, 1970 – 1978," (Fredrik Jonsson), 2022
—Helen Malley "'We Are Only Demanding our Country': The Legal History of Lakota Survivance and the Long War for the West" (Matthew Kruer), 2021

Asada Eiji BA Thesis Prize, Center for East Asian Studies

—Mark Chen, "Translating a Paradigm: Empiricism in Nineteenth-Century Japanese Chemistry," 2020

Jewish Studies Undergraduate Essay Prize, Chicago Center for Jewish Studies

—Dikla Taylor-Sheinman, “American Jewish Feminists of the 1970s and 1980s and the Question of Palestine,” 2021

Emil Karafiol Prize in European and International History, Department of History

—Ethan Hsi, "Reimagining the Peasantry: Mexican Rural Development in Theory and Practice, 1967-1968" (Brodwyn Fischer), 2022
—Stephanie Reitzig,"Maria Sibylla Merian, Women’s Material Practices, and the Culture of Natural History in Seventeenth-Century Germany" (Adrian Johns), 2022
—Isabella Jackson-Saitz, "Above the Urban Crowd: Negotiations of Elite Urban Masculinity in Fourteenth Century Paris" (Jonathan Lyon), 2021
—Katia Kukucka,"Violent Delights and Violent Ends: Renaissance Politics of Italian Sovereignty and the Case of Pier Luigi Farnese, 1534-1549" (Ada Palmer), 2021

Undergraduate Thesis Award, Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge

—Eleanor Cambron, "A Spectrum of Permissibility: Unrecognized Vaccine Hesitancy in American Smallpox Epidemics," (Michael Rossi), 2022
—Cecilia Katzenstein, "Removing the Scientific Self: Objectivity, Race, and Yellow Fever Immunity Theories in Nineteenth Century New Orleans," (Emily Webster,), 2021

Ruth Murray Essay Prize

—Scarlett Akeley, 2022


Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award

Chloe Brettmann, 2022

Fulbright US Student Program

Siena Fite, 2021
Julia Gerdin, 2021
Alternate: Ciara Cronin, 2021

Boren Scholar

Peter Bound, 2021

Critical Language Scholars

Julia Gerdin, 2021
Julia Holzman, 2021

DAAD Study Scholars

Ciara Cronin, 2021

Emerson National Hunger Fellow

Isabelle Sohn, 2021

Gilman Scholar

Eren Fitzgerald, 2022

Travel Grants

David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship for Study Abroad

Fiona Gould, 2020

Third-Year International Travel Grant, the College

Josh Sulkin, 2022