PhD'20 (British history) University of Chicago

Research Interests

Economic and environmental history; the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions; architectural history, the preservation of vernacular and historic designed landscapes, history of landscape architecture; energy and agricultural economics; coal transformation and oil acceleration; environmental planning and design; Methods:  archival methods, paleography, digital humanities, geographic information systems (GIS), museum studies.


Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences (2020–21)
Architectural Historian, Environmental Services, Engineering and Design, SJCA INC (Present - )


Beyond the Nitrogen Thesis: Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Brassica Napus Oilseed Design Diversification for Crop Rotation, Soil Pest Suppression, Livestock Management, and Convertible Husbandry in the British Agricultural Revolution(s), 1715-1830


Research support includes a Bosch Archival Research Fellowship, German Historical Institute (2014), a Smithsonian Institution Graduate Research Fellowship, National Museum of Natural History (2015), a Fornos Fellowship, Population Institute (autumn 2015), a Charles H. Watts Memorial Archival Research Fellowship, John Carter Brown Library (2017), and a Mellow Foundation Social Sciences Dissertation Fellowship (2018–19).


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