Teaching Fellow in the Social Sciences (2019–21)
PhD'19 (U.S. history) University of Chicago


Research Interests

Energy history; environmental history; modern United States; US and the world; global history of labor and capitalism; history of colonization and decolonization; mining and extraction; political history; gender; climate change and the Anthropocene; social theory


The Graveyard Shift: Mining Democracy in an Age of Energy Crisis, 1963–1981


I am a historian of energy, environment, work, and politics in the twentieth-century United States and the World. 

My current book project, Graveyard Shift: Energy Citizenship in the American Century, examines how the transitioning political economy of coal converged with Americans' changing conceptions of citizenship in the post-WWII period. Focusing on the coalfields--which provided the majority of the nation's electric power--I show how this convergence offered coal miners new forms of political power. Because the nation depended on coal miners to power the infrastructures of global hegemony, political stability, and social cohesion, they found they had  the ability to negotiate not only with the companies they worked for, but with the nation as a whole. Miners leveraged this new position to renegotiate the terms of what I call "energy citizenship"--the rights and obligations of energy production and consumption that bound Americans together in a new form of national belonging. Tracing these shifting sets of rights and obligations, I offer a new framework for thinking about the politics of energy in the modern United States, a pressing concern as the nation faces the task of decarbonization and just transition for the nation's fossil fuel workers.

In 2019-2020, I am a postdoctoral Social Sciences teaching fellow in the Department of History and the College. I have also taught in the interdisciplinary Program on the Global Environment. 


  • 2018-2019 C. Austin Buck National Fellow, Jefferson Scholars Foundation, University of Virginia
  • 2018 Hal Rothman Dissertation Fellowship, American Society for Environmental History
  • 2018 Founders' Dissertation Fellowship, Western Association of Women Historians
  • 2016 Dorothy Foehr Huck Research Grant, Eberly Library at Penn State University
  • 2016 Freehling Research Grant, University of Chicago
  • 2017 Honorable Mention, Center for Engaged Scholarship Dissertation Fellowship, Center for Engaged Scholarship
  • 2017 Social Sciences Mellon Dissertation Fellowship, University of Chicago


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