The Organization of American Historians 2019 meeting (April 4–7) attracts many Chicago historians.  This year is no different.

On April 4:

Nicholas Kryczka, a PhD candidate, is the chair of a session on "Reforming Schools and Redefining Freedom in Post–Civil Rights New York and Chicago."

Monica Mercado, PhD'14, will speak on "Summer Camp: Rethinking Religion, Recreation, and Catholic Girlhood in Early Twentieth-Century America."

Elizabeth Todd-Breland, PhD'10, will discuss "Black Education: Organizing and Freedom Struggles in Chicago since the 1960s."

On April 5:

Cathleen Cahill, PhD'04, is a panelist discussing "Inclusions and Exclusions: Race, Religion, and Women's Enfranchisement."

Jane Dailey, associate professor, will deliver the keynote presentation at the session on "Overcoming the Online Divide: Connection and Engagement Strategies to Promote a Vibrant Online Classroom."

Both Christopher Dingwall, PhD'15, and Sarah Jones Weicksel, PhD'17, will present in the session, "Reconstructing Culture: Objects, Images, and Texts in the Work of Slave Emancipation."

On April 6:

Alison Lefkovitz, PhD'10, and Tim Stewart Winter, PhD'09, join a panel discussion on "Making the Gay Male World: Roundtable on George Chauncey's Gay New York at 25."

Jonathan Levy, PhD'08, professor, is a panelist discussing "Capitalisation Takes Command: Putting Capital Back in the History of Capitalism."

Founded in 1907, the Organization of American Historians (OAH) is the largest professional society dedicated to the teaching and study of American history. It promotes excellence in the scholarship, teaching, and presentation of American history and encourages wide discussion of historical questions and the equitable treatment of all practitioners of history.