The editorial board of the Chicago Journal of History and Phoenix Biology are co-hosting "Bio-History in the Anthropocene: Interdisciplinary Study of the Past and Present" on Thursday, October 13, 3–5 PM, in the Social Science Research Building, room 201, 1126 E. 59th Street. The panel will discuss the intersection and interactions between biological science and historical inquiry. The speakers will share their insights on natural history, discuss how history informs science or how science instructs historians, and explore the myriad ways in which they may (or may not) work together to further our understanding of human civilization. They will also talk about how they have employed relevant methods in their own professional research. Jonathan Lyon, associate professor of medieval history and the College, is the moderator.

Kyle Harper, professor of history, University of Oklahoma
Lynn K. Nyhart, Vilas-Bablitch-Kelch Distinguished Achievement Professor of the History of Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Joanna Radin, assistant professor of history of medicine, anthropology, and history, Yale Medical School
Julia Adeney Thomas, associate professor of history, Notre Dame University
Russell H. Tuttle, professor of anthropology, evolutionary biology, history of science and medicine, and the College, University of Chicago

Each speaker will briefly address two aspects of the subject: (1) how his/her research has crossed the boundary of disciplines (biology, history) to gain new insights on the past; and (2), what he/she considers is the greatest challenge and opportunity that modern biological science could present to historians, and whether historical scholarship could, in turn, inform and influence the development of natural science. Then, the moderator will lead a discussion among the panel. The panel will conclude with a Q & A with the audience.

The editorial staff wishes to thank student government its supporting.

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