Congratulations to Clifford Ando on being named the David B. and Clara E. Stern Distinguished Service Professor in the Departments of Classics and History and the College. Ando is one of thirteen University of Chicago faculty members to have received named professorships or to have been appointed distinguished service professors last month.

Ando’s research focuses on the histories of religion and law in the ancient world. He has written on the history of political culture in the provinces of the Roman empire, the connection of religion to imperial government, and Roman law. Currently, he is working with other scholars to produce a new edition of texts of Roman statues, and also on a rhetorical and sociolinguistic study of legal Latin from archaic Rome to the medieval period. Ando has been a visiting scholar or research fellow at more than a dozen institutions outside the United States, including in Italy, France, Germany, England, New Zealand and South Africa.