This year, five graduate students in the Department of History won the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad fellowship, a grant provided by the U.S. Department of Education to fund up to one year of dissertation research in a non-Western country.  The University of Chicago won more Fulbright-Hays grants than any other university in this year's competition by a wide margin, with half of those going to students in the history department. The grant-winning students and their dissertation topics are:

  • Erin Glade - “We Are Not Enemies of Culture”: Literature, Modernization and the Expansion of American Soft Power in Nasser’s Egypt, 1952-1967
  • Patrick Kelly - "Transnational Human Rights Advocacy in the Southern Cone in the Long 1970s"
  • Christopher Markiewicz - "Statesmen and Scholars in the Creation of Empire: Concepts of Ottoman Rulership, 1453-1520"
  • Covell Meyskens - "Preparing for a War That Never Happened: Political Economy and Cold War Social Life"
  • Jake Werner - "Making Mass Society in Shanghai: Cultural and Economic Transformation among 'The People,' 1949-1957"

For more on Fulbrught-Hays winners at the UChicago visit UChicago News' article on the topic.