I am very pleased to announce a new program to increase opportunities for History faculty and graduate students to meet and talk. A joint endeavor of the History Graduate Students Association and the Department of History, Food for Thought brings an invited faculty member together with graduate students for lunch and informal conversation. HGSA will invite faculty and organize the monthly gatherings, and the department will provide lunch.

—Emilio Kourí, Professor and Chair of History

April 20, 2016, 12–1:15 PM   Conversation with Constantin Fasolt
May 18, 2016, 12–1:15 PM     Conversation with Leora Auslander

HGSA's Food-for-Thought Program

Our aim is to foster a broader range of collegial and informal relations between faculty and students, by providing a point of gathering and socialization for students across geographic and temporal concentrations that complements the more field-specific focuses of the workshops. We hope that these casual discussions about history will not only broaden our perspectives on different ways of doing history but also help professionalize students in the discipline and build a common culture and support network. In the long term, we also hope that our ability to continue to recruit top students to the program will be enhanced by a stronger sense of community among our graduate students and faculty. At these conversations, a faculty member would speak about topics such as the following:

  • Discussion of a current project
  • Philosophy or practice of history
  • Sources used and why
  • How working at the University of Chicago has shaped the faculty member's scholarship and identity as a historian
  • Advice for graduate-student historians

—Sabrina Datoo, Chris Dunlap, Kyle Gardner, Dan Knorr, Evan Randall, Savitri Sedlacek, Caroline Sequin, and Lauren Stokes