Congratulations to the history graduate students who have been awarded teaching prizes!

The College honored Emily Forden Calderbank with the Francis X. Kinahan Memorial Prize of Excellence in the Teaching of Writing for Advanced Undergraduates.

The Social Sciences Teaching Fellowships are designed for recent Chicago PhDs who wish to enhance their pedagogical skills and extend their research training. History students received this high honor is the first two years of this program.

  • Basil Salem, PhD '16
  • Guy Emerson Mount, PhD '17 (expected)

The Chicago Center for Teaching named Nicholas Kryczka a Teaching Fellow. Fellows serve as mentors to their peers on issues related to teaching and pedagogy. Nick will lead several sessions of the 2017–18 Pedagogy Workshop.

Prizes went to eleven students to teach undergraduate courses of their own design in 2017–18:

  • Emilio de Antuñano Villarreal—The Migrant City: Migration, Urbanization, and the Making of the Americas in the Twentieth Century (Von Holst Prize)
  • Zachary Barr—Modernities and Microscopes: Sociopolitical Change and Scientific Knowledge (HiPSS Prize)
  • Amy Coombs—Revolutionizing Agriculture: Early Modern Technologies for the New Millennium (Environmental Studies Prize)
  • Emily Lord Fransee—Making Postcolonial Europe (CSRPC Prize)
  • Kyle Gardner—Race, Ethnicity, and Identity in and beyond South Asia (CSRPC Prize)
  • Elisa Jones—Heretics and Martyrs: The Problem of Toleration in the European Reformation (Von Holst Prize)
  • Minyong Lee—Pacific America: Migration, Empire, and Transnational Racial Politics, 1848–1965 (CSRPC Graduate Prize)
  • Zachary Leonard—Religion and Revolt in the British Empire (Global Studies Prize)
  • Justin Niermeier-Dohoney—Natural History and Empire, circa 1500–1800 (von Holst Prize)
  • Kristine Palmieri—Knowledge of Man, Society, and Culture, 1700–1914 (HiPSS Prize)
  • Kai Parker—Black Religion and the Criminal Justice System (CSRPC Prize)
  • Caroline Séquin—Gender and Race in the Atlantic World  (CSRPC Prize)

The Masters of Art Program in Social Sciences named two historians as preceptors. Preceptors help students define their areas of academic specialization, choose courses, and select faculty sponsors; they also guide and evaluate the research and writing of MA papers.

  • John Cropper
  • Taeju Kim

The Undergraduate History program appointed six students as Bessie Louise Pierce Prize Preceptors. Preceptors teach the year-long BA Seminar, which guides students who are researching and writing theses, and serve as second readers of the theses.

  • Mariana Brandman
  • Christopher Kindell
  • Nicholas Kryczka
  • Lisa Scott
  • Caroline Séquin
  • Nicole Beckmann Tessel

Finally, the Department of History appointed Kyle Gardner as the undergraduate program coordinator; he manages all aspects of the BA program and supports the faculty chair of the Collegiate Affairs Committee.

By Joanne M. Berens, MFA '93, jberens[at]