Historians Cliff Ando, David Nirenberg, Ken Pomeranz, Bob Richard, and Michael Rossi participated in the Stevanovich Institute's first conference.

Held over four days in November, "Practices of Knowledge" looked at how society navigates the conscious and unconscious biases that lead to the formation of knowledge. Topics included the production of indigenous knowledges, science and its social context, Darwin’s legacy, and the distortion of legal process by emotive responses.

In one session, titled "What Democracy 'Knows'," Ando, a professor in Classics, History, Law, and the College, and two political scientists compared forms of democracy from ancient Athens to contemporary America. Ando, a member of the institute's steering committee, said he was pleased with the general reception of the audience, which "emerged quite energized about this type of study."

The Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge was founded in 2015 and pursues the idea that knowledge must be looked at beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines.

Based upon a University of Chicago News article (12.14.2017)