The Chronicle of Higher Education recently published an interview with 2013 AHA President and new faculty member Kenneth Pomeranz (East Asia). In the article, Pomeranz explains the directions in which he would like to see the AHA go in the near future. For one thing, he notes his desire to see historians more frequently enter the the public conversation on important issues. He notes that the often high degree of specialization in the field can lead to historians being cut out of these dicussions. Instead he says, "we need to try and claim a little bit bigger piece of the space in the public square," and that, "one of the ways to do that is to be a little bit more daring about telling larger-scale stories." Through his new office, Pomeranz also hopes to build up the ways in which AHA members are able to connect to each digitally, allowing historians greater ability to use colleagues at other institutions as both formal and informal resources.

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