History graduate students garnered many awards in 2015–16, including teaching prizes, internships through the Mellon Foundation's Making History Work pilot program, summer language and research grants, and dissertation fellowships.

Mellon Interns

Aiala Levy participated in the Virtual St. George's project at the University of Rochester, which is creating an interactive three-dimensional model of St. George’s, Bermuda, the oldest living town in English America and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Levy learned to integrate digital technologies into historical research programs.
Diana Schwartz conducted archival research at the Field Museum of Natural History on the North American indigenous collections and their exhibition under the direction of Alaka Wali, curator of North American anthropology.
Caroline Séquin is spending winter quarter interning at the French journal, Clio: Women, Gender, History, as an assistant editor.

Teaching Prizes

Von Holst Prize—Named for Hermann Eduard von Holst, first head of the Department of History (1892–1900), the Von Holst Prize is awarded to advance history students.

Hasan Siddiqui—"Sovereignty in Early Modern Eurasia" (Spring 16)
Jake Smith—"Mass Culture, Counterculture, and the Avant-garde in Postwar Europe" (Spring 16)
Lauren Stokes—"A History of Neoliberalism, 1927–Present" (Winter 16)

Bessie Louise Pierce Prize—Pierce Peceptors advise history undergraduates in the research and writing of BA essays and gain a year of experience in all aspects of undergradute teaching.

Mariana Brandman, United States history
Ashley Finigan, United States history
Kyle Gardner, modern European history
Philip Henry, modern European history
Elisa Jones, early modern European history
Ryan Yokota, East Asian history

Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture

Emily Lord Fransee—"Gender, Sexuality, and Indigenous Women in the Colonial Encounter" (Autumn 15)
Daniel Webb—"Topics in United States–Mexican Borderlands History" (Autumn 15)

History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science and Medicine Tutorial

Carmine Grimaldi—"Cold War Technologies of the Self" (Spring 16)

Center for Latin American Studies—the center awards the Ignacio Martín-Baró Prize in honor of a University of Chicago alumnus (PhD'79 in social psychology) and Jesuit priest who was murdered in El Salvador in 1989.

Christopher Dunlap—"Sciences as Solutions to Latin American Challenges, 1500–2000" (Spring 16)

Summer Foreign Language & Area Studies Grants

Imri Grinberg—Center for Language & Culture, Marrakesh (Arabic)
Roy Kimmey—Debreceni Nyári Egyetem Budapesti Nyelviskolája (Hungarian)
Daniel Knorr—University of Chicago Summer Language Institute (Japanese)
Erin McCullugh Peneva—Bridge Brazil, Rio de Janeiro (Portuguese)
Erin Newton—Inter-University Center, Yokohama (Japanese)

2015–16 Foreign Language & Area Studies Fellowships

Alexander Jania—1st-year student, East Asian history (Japanese)
Daniel Knorr—3rd-year student, East Asian history (Japanese)
Matthew Lowenstein—1st-year student, East Asian history (Chinese)
Erin McCullugh Peneva—4th-year student, pre-1900 US history (Portuguese)
Erin Newton—2nd-year student, East Asian history (Japanese)
Benjamin Van Zee—1st-year student, modern European history (Polish)

2015–16 Research Fellowships

In additional to the fellowships listed here, the Department of History awarded twenty-six research grants for students to conduct preliminary archival research in the United States and abroad. These grants, up to $6,000 over a student's career, greatly increase success in later competitions, such as the Fulbright.

Emilio de Antuñano—Urban Network Fellow
Larry Bauer—New York Public Library
Ashley Finigan—Urban Network Fellow
Mariana Flores Guevara—Fulbright–García Robles
Lily Huang—Science Po Exchange
Erika Jeck—American School of Classical Studies at Athens
Trish Kahle—Walter P. Reuther Library
Nicholas Kryczka—Urban Network Fellow
Carl Kubler—Alfred D. Chandler Jr. International Visiting Scholar in Business History, Harvard University
Ilana Miller—Pozen Family Center for Human Rights
Katya Motyl—Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality
Tessa Murphy—John Carter Brown Library, Brown University
Justin Niermeier-Dohoney—Arnoldo Momigliano
Pablo Rangel—Latino Museum Studies Program, Smithsonian
Allison Robinson—James Madison's Montpelier
Diana Schwartz—Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture
Caroline Séquin—Western Society for French History
Lauren Stokes—Central European History Society
Lael Weinberger—Pozen Family Center for Human Rights

2015–16 Fulbright Research Fellowships

Zachary Barr is researching his dissertation at the Internationales Forschungszentrum Kulturwissenschaften, Kunstuniversität Linz.
David Cantor-Echols is in Spain, researching his dissertation on the administrative and historiographical programs of Alfonso XI of Castile.
Christopher Gatto received a Fulbright-Hays to conduct research in Mexico on rural Oaxacan society, 1780–1880.

2015–16 Dissertation Completion Fellowships

Emilio de Antuñano—Mellon Advanced Studies
Ramaesh Bhagirat—Marilyn Yarbrough Fellow
Maura Capps—Mellon–American Council of Learned Societies
Carlos Grenier—William Rainey Harper
Nathan Leidholm—William Rainey Harper
Aiala Levy—William Rainey Harper
Emily Marker—Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture
José Juan Pérez Meléndez—Mellon–American Council of Learned Societies
Diana Schwartz—Doris G. Quinn Foundation
Sarah Weicksel—CIC Smithsonian Institution