On February 15 and 16, 2019, former students of Moishe Postone have organized a conference in his memory. The Legacy of Moishe Postone: Teacher, Historian, Critical Theorist will be held in the Franke Institute, Regenstein Library, 1100 E. 57th Street, Chicago, and is cosponsored by the Department of History. Contact conference.moishe.postone@gmail.com for assistance attending.


Friday, February 15, 9.30a–5.15p

9.30–9.45a Welcome
   Parker Everett + Charlotte Robertson

9:45–11:15a State-centric Capitalism
   Parker Everett, The Antinomies of Space
   Gregory D. Milano, Corporatism as Otherness
   Jake Werner, Japanese Imperialism in 1930s Shanghai
   Jaewoong Jeon, Japanophobia + Anti-capitalism in Korea

11.30a–1p Postone, 1968, + Its Radical Critique
   Spencer Leonard, Marxist Turn as a Return to Marx
   Jason Dawsey, Postone + Frankfurt am Main
   David Spreen, Class Warfare with a Map
   William Marotti, Making 1968 in Japan

1–2p Break

2–3.30p Political Economy + the Writing of History
   Thomas Dodman, Tocqueville’s Grappling with Capital
   Robin Bates, French Imperial Plantation Zone
   Benjamin Postone, Postone + Race
   Sean Forner, Post-idealist Intellectual History

3.45–5.15p Postone + the Postcolonial
   Zeb Dingley, Anti-Gikuyuism
   Dwaipayan Sen, Modern South Asia
   Bernard Dubbeld, Postapartheid South Africa

Saturday, February 16, 9.30a–5.15p

9.30–11a Deindustrialization
   Richard Lloyd, New Bohemia + Remaking the City
   J. Dakota Brown, Graphic Design
   Hadas Weiss, The Middle-class Family

11.15a–12.45p Contemporary Politics with + beyond Postone
   Eliat Maoz, Postonian Lessons on Racism
   Andrew Sloin, Apocalyptic Capital
   Aaron Ansell, The Rise of Brazil’s Extreme Right
   Bo-Mi Choi, Gender + the Commodity Form

12.45–1.45p Break

1.45–3.15p Contemporary Crises + Political Economy
   Mark Loeffler, The Future of Work
   Charlotte Robertson, Financialization
   Joe Lough, Marxist Economic Science?
   Ben Fong, Capital Personified

3.30–5p Migration, Rights, Capital Dynamics
   Tracey Rosen, Migration in Greece
   Lisa Simeone, Migrant Lives
   Robert Stern, Superfluous Populations
   Fabian Arzuaga, Superfluity of Labor

5–5.15p Closing Remarks
   Mark Loeffler + Robert Stern