We are happy to announce the winners of the third-annual History Presentation Extravaganza.

First Place ($250 research grant): Gregory Valdespino for "'The Natives Must Feel at Home': Making Homes, Publics, and Citizenship in Colonial Senegal."

Second Place ($150 research grant):  Jillian Foley, Conceptual & Historical Studies of Science program, for "How Cryptography Went Public."

Third Place ($100 research grant): Robert Suits for "Terraforming America: Climate and State Power in the Nineteenth-Century West"

The extravaganza challenges graduate students to distill their research into five-minute talks and was held on Thursday, June 1, 2017. The judges were Courtney Wiersema, assistant director of graduate career development; Nancy Spiegel, the library's bibliographer for history; and William Rando, director of the Chicago Center for Teaching.

Paring fifty-three pages down to five meaningful minutes made one really think about what was worth communicating.

Nick Kryczka, Winner of the 2015 Extravaganza


Read more about the Extravaganza in Christopher Dunlap's AHA Today blog post.


Jessa Dahl explains Nineteenth-Century Maps of Yokohama, Japan, in five minutes flat. Photography by Sabrina Datoo