The Department of History warmly welcomes our incoming cohort of 12 new PhD students. Their interests range from Latin America and the U.S. to Britain and Europe to South and East Asia, and from Medieval to Modern history. Many have interests in transnational history or work in multiple temporal, thematic, or geographic fields. Nearly half of the new cohort are international students. Most of these new students have backgrounds in History or related area studies, though others also studied Government, Journalism, Comparative Literature, and Psychology. We wish our incoming students well as they embark on their studies!

2021 phd cohort.jpg

Back Row (L to R): Miguel da Cruz Fernandes, Daniel Fernandez, Joe Rathke
Front Row (L to R): Gabriel Azevedo Duarte Franco, Le Vi Pham, Anna Conner, Zaria El-Fil, Rachel Tils, Ruiling Xue, Patrick Graham, Benjamin Montano
Not Pictured: Prachi Bhagwat