History welcomes the Class of 2017 to the doctoral program. 

The class of fourteen has degrees from universities across the United States and around the world (Canada, China, England, and Hungary). Five students studied in the University of Chicago's MA Program in the Social Sciences program, and ten students in all have MA degrees. The students will focus on ancient, East Asian, international, Latin American, Russian, South Asian, and US history as well as the history of science.


Back row (L to R): Andrew Seber, Evelyn Kessler, Nathalie Barton, Alyssa Goodstein, Yujie Li, Nic Johnson, Yasser Nasser, Surabhi Pudasaini
Front Row (L to R): Lina Mistron, Arthur Clement, Michel Marion, Kevin Powell, Larry Carrillo, Abigail Bratcher

Many students' experiences outside the classroom motivated their return to the academy after a time in the world as social activists, teachers, a journalist, an editor, urban planning, and administration in higher education.

Thanks to the Graduate Student Aid Initiative the university offers five years of tuition, health insurance, and generous fellowships along with four summers of research funds worth nearly $500,000 to each student. Individual students received further funding from the Brenda and Earl Shapiro Scholars in History pilot program, Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships, and the Mercatus Center.

We encourage your gifts to support our students.

By Joanne M. Berens, MFA '93, jberens[at]uchicago.edu