The history department offers a warm welcome to its entering doctoral students.

The class of seventeen hails from around the world, including six international students. Six enter Chicago with MAs and one with a JD. The students are studying the Caribbean/Atlantic World, China, Early Modern Europe, International History, Latin America, Medieval History, Modern Europe, and the history of the US. This year's cohort studying late Medieval/Early Modern history is particularly large, and many of the entering students share a strong interest in international economics and trade.

Thanks to the Graduate Student Aid Initiative the university offers five years of tuition, health insurance, and generous fellowships along with four summers of research funds worth nearly $500,000 to each student. Individual students received further funding from the Neubauer Family Distinquished Doctoral Fellows program, the Brenda and Earl Shapiro Scholars in History pilot program, and the Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship program.