The Department of History warmly welcomes our incoming cohort of PhD students. The interests of our 17 students are truly global, ranging from Latin America to South Asia. Many have interests in transnational history or work in multiple temporal, thematic, or geographic fields. About one third hold undergraduate degrees in fields other than history, and about one third are international students. We wish our incoming students well as they embark on their studies!


Top Row (L to R): Elena Hoffenberg, Rebecca Epstein-Boley, Gabriel Groz, Prof. Paul Cheney (GSAC co-chair), Maniza Ahmed
Second Row (L to R): Sofia Ortiz Torres, Claire Jones, Esther Isaac, Kate Randazzo, Ksenia Podvoiskaia
Third Row (L to R): Chris Hong, Aimee Pizarchik, Jan Michael, Shirin Sadjadpour, Kyra Schulman
Bottom Row (L to R): Xiangning Li, Sachaet Pandey
Not pictured: Harry Dalton