2016–17 Committees

Admissions and Aid

  • Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, chair, British history
  • Susan Burns, Japanese history
  • Jacob Eyferth, Chinese history
  • Jonathan Levy, United States history
  • Mauricio Tenorio, Latin American History

The graduate affairs administrator serves in a nonvoting capacity.

Advisory and Policy

  • Emilio Kourí, chair, Latin American history
  • Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, British history
  • Matthew Briones, United States history
  • Jan Goldstein, modern European history
  • Tara Zahra, East European history

Collegiate Affairs

  • Matthew Briones, chair, United States history
  • Kathleen Belew, United States history
  • Eleonor Gilburd, Russian history
  • Jonathan Lyon, Medieval history
  • Ada Palmer, early modern European history

We select graduate student preceptors, who serve as concentration advisors for undergraduates, and Von Holst Prize Lecturers. We also formulate requirements and curriculum and decide which undergraduate concentrators receive departmental honors. The graduate student representatives participate in all committee activities, except appointing graduate students to teaching positions.

Curriculum Committee

  • Emilio Kourí, chair, ex officio, Latin American history
  • Matthew Briones, ex officio, United States history
  • Tara Zahra, ex officio, East European history

Graduate Student Affairs Committee

  • Tara Zahra, chair, East European history
  • Paul Cheney, early modern and modern European history
  • Adam Green, United States history
  • Brodwyn Fischer, Latin American history
  • James Ketelaar, Japanese history

The graduate affairs administrator serves in a nonvoting capacity; there are two students representatives.

We administer the graduate curriculum. You will need us most in your first and second years when we advise you on your plan of study and oral fields examination. We also evaluate your academic progress at the end of the year and make recommendations to the rest of the History faculty and the dean of students for funding increases. The student representatives attends our committee meetings, but do not attend our meeting to evaluate academic progress and funding.

Placement and Fellowships

  • Jan Goldstein, chair, modern European history
  • Guy Alitto, Chinese history
  • Jane Dailey, United States history
  • Ramón Gutiérrez, United States history
  • Johanna Ransmeier, Chinese history

The graduate affairs administrator serves in a nonvoting capacity.

We prepare students for academic teaching positions and recommend students for university and departmental research and dissertation write-up fellowships.

Placements and Pedagogy Workshops

  • Emily Osborn, African history

Website Liasion

  • Faith Hillis, Russian history