Campus Visits

Prospective MA Students

The Department of History does not have a terminal MA program. Students who are interested in a master's degree with a focus on history should contact the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences.

Prospective PhD Students

A campus visit is not required to apply to study history at Chicago. Sonja Rusnak, our graduate affairs administrator, is available to answer specific questions related to our PhD program:

But, if you do plan to visit, David Goodwine, our program coordinator, can help arrange meetings with faculty in your areas of interest as well as informal conversations with some of our graduate students. Please give David at least two weeks' notice of your visit:


Please review faculty biographies and let David know which faculty members you would like to meet during your visit. You may also wish to schedule a meeting with Sonja Rusnak, the graduate student administrator, with questions about the structure of the program or funding.

When to Visit

October and November are ideal months to visit campus. Summer visits can be arranged, but faculty and current students may not be available. If you wish to attend classes, please consult the Time Schedules. We cannot schedule visits from mid-December through March when we review admissions files.

Campus Tours

Graduate Admissions offers tours, which may be booked through their webpage.

History Day

After receiving an offer of admission, we will invite you to History Day in early March. Admitted students meet other admitted students, faculty, and current students, attend workshops or tours, and receive an overview of the program, with plenty of time for questions.