Modern Jewish

Chicago’s graduate history program has maintained a strong interest in Jewish history for many years. Currently the department has special strength in the modern history of the Jews in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. Department members engage in research on intellectual, social, and political history as well as biography, memory, the everyday life of Jewish communities, the history of genocide and reparations, the Jews in contemporary Europe, and the origins of Zionism and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Chicago Jewish history faculty also work in other fields and collaborate closely with colleagues in European, American, and Middle Eastern history. Chicago is, therefore, a particularly appropriate place to study Jewish history in its national contexts. The  interdepartmental Chicago Center for Jewish Studies offers additional resources and opportunities to graduate students. The university library includes over 140,000 items of Hebraica and Judaica, including the Ludwig Rosenberger Collection of Judaica in Special Collections.


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