Teaching Requirements


All students under GAI funding (matriculating in 2007 or later) are required to complete 5 teaching points before the end of the 5th year. The teaching can be fulfilled in any combinations (of no more than 4 per year) over the last three years of the student’s funding package. Any time spent on leave of absence or in pro forma status does not count in the 5 year limit.

Students who entered before 2007: Teaching was included in some funding packages before 2007, but was not considered a requirement.

Disbursement of Teaching Because teaching income is considered salary, the Division has a system of disbursement for teaching requirements for stipend/salary purposes. The actual teaching does not need to be fulfilled based on this schedule.

Year 3: stipend reduced by the current rate for 2 TAships (currently $6,000)
Year 4: stipend reduced by the current rate for 2 TAships (currently $6,000)
Year 5: stipend reduced by the current rate for 1 TAship (currently $3,000)

Reporting of Teaching: Teaching is tracked by the Dean of Students office annually. Students receive an addendum to their funding letter that has a transcript of the completed teaching. It also explains what counts as teaching.


Stipend: Your annual stipend will be disbursed over 3 quarters with equal amounts each quarter. So, if your stipend amount reduced by your teaching is $12,000, you receive $4,000 in a check the first week of each quarter. Salary from teaching is not included in the stipend check.

Salary: Paid only during the quarter you hold a teaching assignment. Most are disbursed as monthly salary during the months the position is held, at the end of each month. For example, a spring teaching position would be paid 1/3 in April, 1/3 in May and 1/3 in June. Payroll for almost all teaching positions is done through the College. Paperwork for payroll must be completed in the College before the check will be issued. The payroll deadline is very early in the month, so it’s important to fill out the paperwork with the College as soon as your appointment goes through. You should receive a notification from the College. If your appointment is a course in the History Department, David is also reminding students to fill out paperwork. Any teaching that goes above the amount by which your stipend is reduced is additional income. For example, a 4th year student receives 3 quarters of TAships, the amount earned from teaching is $9,000. The total earned by the student would be $3,000 more than the original award amount.

Yearly Teaching Limits: Students can teach up to “4 quarters” of work a year. This can be in any combination of teaching. A preceptorship is 3 quarters of work. A TAship is usually 1.

Department Role: The Department does not assign teaching to our students. Each student is expected to apply broadly to teaching positions. If the student is having trouble securing any teaching, the Department can attempt to assist the student in finding teaching. Because student teaching does not come from the Department budget we cannot “create” a TAship if a course does not have enough undergraduate students. Because teaching is through the Divisional Fellowships, the final appeal on teaching matters is through the Dean of Students.

Types of Teaching: Students may engage in any teaching for which they are qualified after their third year. Teaching is called by a variety of names with requirements varying by program: TAships, internships, lectorship, and preceptorships all count as teaching positions.