Starting on September 20, History will offer eight workshops on the academic job market, which are organized by Alice Goff and feature many departmental faculty members. All workshops will be held in the John Hope Franklin Room:

September 20, 2–4 PM
Orientation to the Job Market
Alice Goff, Destin Jenkins, and Matthew Kruer      

September 24, 2–3:30 PM
The Cover Letter
Paul Cheney and Jane Dailey

October 1, 10–11:30 AM
The Research Statement
Jonathan Lyon and Ken Pomeranz

October 12, 10–11:30 AM
The Curriculum Vitae
Alice Goff and Emily Osborn

October 19, 10–11:30 AM
From the Committee’s Perspective
Cliff Ando and Jan Goldstein

November 9, 10–11:30 AM
Mock Interview
Alice Goff

November 19, 10–11:30 AM
Writing a Job Talk
Ada Palmer and Michael Rossi

November 30, 10–11:30 AM
Applying for jobs and postdocs abroad
Dipesh Chakrabarty and Alice Goff