Welcome to the Department of History

We are a vibrant intellectual community consisting of nearly fifty full-time faculty members, accomplished postdoctoral fellows and visiting faculty, and strong cohorts of graduate and undergraduate students. We are known for our cutting-edge research and the expansive scope of our expertise, which covers six continents and most of recorded history. We are committed teachers and student mentors, boasting twenty winners of the Quantrell Prize, the University of Chicago's highest honor for teaching. We are immensely proud of our alumni, who enjoy successful careers in a wide variety of fields.

News and Anouncements

Mauricio Tenorio Receives 2019 Quantrell Award

The University of Chicago recognizes faculty annually for exceptional teaching with the Llewellyn John and Harrie

Dipesh Chakrabarty Receives Tagore Memorial Prize

The Government of West Bengal has awarded Dipesh Chakrabarty a 2019 Tagore Memorial Prize for his collection of essays,

Jahne Brown Elected President of Student Government

The Community, Amplify, Represent, Empower (CARE) slate won Student Government’s executive slate elections, triumphing over the rival Reform slate by 1,801 to 906.

Liam Mannix, PhD’18, Wins Saller Prize

It is our great pleasure to share the news that Liam Mannix, PhD’18, has been awarded this year’

Chicago Alumni, Faculty, and Students at 2019 OAH

The Organization of American Historians 2019 meeting (April 4–7) attracts many Chicago historians.  This year is no differen