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We are a vibrant intellectual community consisting of nearly fifty full-time faculty members, accomplished postdoctoral fellows and visiting faculty, and strong cohorts of graduate and undergraduate students. We are known for our cutting-edge research and the expansive scope of our expertise, which covers six continents and most of recorded history. We are committed teachers and student mentors, boasting twenty winners of the Quantrell Prize, the University of Chicago's highest honor for teaching. We are immensely proud of our alumni, who enjoy successful careers in a wide variety of fields.



News and Anouncements

How to Do Public History

Kai Perry Parker, a History PhD candidate, collaborated on an exhibition at the Smart Museum of Art,

Scholarly Prizes to Historians

Congratulations to Stephen R. Porter, PhD'09, Evelyn Atkinson, Matthew Lowenstein, and Jiakai Sheng for scholarship prizes.

Welcome Class of 2018

History welcomes the Class of 2018 to the doctoral program. 

Public Dialogue on Censorship

Censorship and Information Control during Information Revolutions

Fridays, 1:30–4:20 PM

Tea For You

For many years, faculty, staff, and students in the Division of the Social Sciences gathered in the Tea Room on the second floor the Social Science Research Building for coffee, tea, and desserts.