The University of Chicago calls itself the "teacher of teachers." The Department of History proudly accepts this title and consequently encourages and supports graduate student teaching. 

All PhD students in the Department will have at least three Mentored Teaching Experiences (MTE), within which students work closely with faculty and engage in various capacities as teaching assistants, interns, instructors, and prize lecturers. Though we encourage students to seek opportunities within the Department, the experiences can occur both within and without the Department of History. 

For example, students have the opportunity to teach in the College "Core" (civilization studies and general education) curriculum and in interdisciplinary centers. The academic rigor fostered by the College ensures that teaching assistants and graduate-student instructors teach and learn from the faculty who mentor them and the undergraduates they teach, who possess immense intellectual curiosity and analytical skills. 

Further training can be acquired through the Department's History Pedagogy workshop and programs offered by the Chicago Center for Teaching.