History Department Capstone Prize

  • Jack Capizzi, "History Accelerated: The Great Disruptions of 1968," (Mark Bradley), 2022

Anna M. & George N. Barnard Prize in American History, Department of History

  • Brennan Szabo, “I let the government worry about it”: The Atomic Bomb, a Distrustful Public, and Postwar Consumerism in American Culture," (Kathleen Belew), 2022

  • Catherine Veronis, "Along the Lakefront, ‘Menacing Unknowns’: Strategies of Citizen Intervention and Environmental Foresight in Nuclear Power Plant Hearings on Lake Michigan, 1970 – 1978," (Fredrik Jonsson), 2022

    Emil Karafiol Prize in European and International History, Department of History

  • Ethan Hsi, "Reimagining the Peasantry: Mexican Rural Development in Theory and Practice, 1967-1968" (Brodwyn Fischer), 2022

  • Stephanie Reitzig,"Maria Sibylla Merian, Women’s Material Practices, and the Culture of Natural History in Seventeenth-Century Germany" (Adrian Johns), 2022

Undergraduate Thesis Award, Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge

  • Eleanor Cambron, "A Spectrum of Permissibility: Unrecognized Vaccine Hesitancy in American Smallpox Epidemics," (Michael Rossi), 2022

Ruth Murray Essay Prize

  • Scarlett Akeley, 2022


Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award

Chloe Brettmann, 2022

Fulbright-Nehru English Teaching Assistant Award, India

Elizabeth Zazycki, 2023

Boren Scholar

Chloe Brettmann, 2023

Sophie Feng, 2023

Elizabeth Zazycki, 2023

Gilman Scholar

Eren Fitzgerald, 2022


Third-Year International Travel Grant, the College

Josh Sulkin, 2022