As a senior economic policy associate at the Institute for Policy Studies, D.C.’s first progressive think tank, Marjorie E. Wood, PhD'11, focuses on income and wealth inequality, minimum wage and worker justice, and higher education reform. She is a prolific shaper of public opinion through the institute's inequality column OtherWords and her Op-Eds in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times.

Wood is also the managing editor of the institute's bulletin,, which aspires to be the premiere portal for those seeking data, analysis, and commentary on wealth and income disparity.

Her dissertation "Emancipating the Child Laborer: Children, Freedom, and the Moral Boundaries of the Market in the United States, 1853–1938," won the Herbert G. Gutman Prize. In awarding the prize, the Labor and Working-Class History Association praised Wood’s dissertation as "a multidimensional probe, which draws upon scholarship from slavery and emancipation studies, from gender and family history, from the history of consumption and from work on Progressive and New Deal era state-building in order to cast a new and revealing light on one of the central issues of labor history." Her committee was Thomas C. Holt (chair), Catherine Brekus, Julie Saville, and Tara Zahra.

By Joanne M. Berens, MFA'