Congratulations to Kyle Gardner for receiving a 2018 Wayne C. Booth Graduate Student Prize for Excellence in Teaching. "This is a high honor, both for our Booth winners and the departments in which they teach," said Daniel J. Koehler, PhD'10 and assistant dean of the College, in announcing the awards.


Left to Right: Hannah Yi (Chemistry), Kyle Gardner (History), Amanda Shubert (English), and Elizabeth Erin Lailei Lee (Neurobiology)

Kyle is currently the undergradute program coordinator for the Department of History. His dissertation committee—James Hevia (chair), Dipesh Chakrabarty, Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, and Kenneth Pomeranz—awarded Kyle distinction for his dissertation, "Border Making, Geography, and the Limits of Empire in the Northwestern Himalaya, 1846–1962." Kyle graduates this spring.

Kyle has taught extensively in the College: in the Colonizations Core, History's BA seminar, and two courses of his own design ("Frontiers and Borders in South Asia" and "Race and Identity in and beyond South Asia"). He wants his students to ask big questions:

I love asking students questions that can never be satisfactorily answered because a nagging question is often much more generative than a straightforward story. My point is to challenge them to form multi-causal answers to complex social questions—something that history does particularly well.

The prize was established in 1991 in honor of Wayne C. Booth, PhD'50 and George M. Pullman Distinguished Service Professor in English Language and Literature and the College. Students and faculty members submit nominations, and the winners receive a cash award.

By Joanne M. Berens, MFA'93, jberens @ uchicago dot edu