Emily Lynn Osborn, associate professor of African history and in the College, has received the Quantrell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Osborn is the sixteenth professor in the Department of History to be so honored.

Next year, she will teach her ever popular "Introduction to African Civilization 1" (HIST 10101) in winter 2017 and "African Civilizations in Paris 1" (SOSC 19031) in autumn 2016. "I know that [African Civ] may be the first and only time that students take a class on Africa,” says Osborn, “I feel a very strong commitment to equip them with knowledge and tools about the continent, so that they may counteract many of the reductive stereotypes about Africa that characterize it only as a place of poverty, sickness, and warfare."


The Llewellyn John and Harriet Manchester Quantrell Awards are believed to be the nation’s oldest prize for undergraduate teaching. Presented annually since 1938 the awards reflect the College’s commitment to honoring inspiring teachers.