The History Department warmly welcomes the 2022 PhD cohort. The twelve students come to us from both domestic and international institutions, and seven hold master's degrees. Their research intrests range several geographical and thematic fields including Russia & Eurasia, East Asia, South Asia, Europe and US as well as Environmental History, Political Economy, Gender & Sexuality, and Legal History. All incoming students recieve full funding for the duration of the PhD program. The cohort begins their studies in a single Department Seminar, culminating in the writing of their first-year research paper. This year, the seminar is being taught by Tara Zahra and Gabe Winant. We wish our incoming students well as they embark on their studies at UChicago!

Back row: Jyotishman Mudiar, McKinsey Crozier, James Nee, Daniel Travassos Ferreira
Front row: Atman Mehta, Brigitte McFarland, Nell Williamson Shaffer, Natalia Niedmann Alvarez, Kate Reed, Joe Yalowitz