Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor of History and the College

Senior Advisor to the President of the University

PhD'75 University of Chicago

Mailing Address

The University of Chicago
Department of History
1126 E. 59th Street, Mailbox 122
Chicago, IL 60637

Edward Levi Hall
Room 511
Office telephone: 773-702-3366


Field Specialties

Nineteenth- and twentieth-century European political and cultural history, particularly in Germany and the Habsburg Empire; religion and politics in modern European history; the history of the universities


My research and teaching focus on the history of modern Europe, especially on the states, the peoples, and the societies of Central Europe since 1700. My special teaching interests are German history from 1740 to 1918; the history of the Hapsburg Empire between 1648 and 1918, and the history of Austria from 1918 to the present; religion and politics in modern European history; and the history of European and American universities in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In recent years my work has dealt with the history of the University and with the history of the Habsburg Empire and Republican Austria.  I published The University of Chicago: A History (University of Chicago Press, 2015), and I have recently completed the Austria, 1867–1955 volume for the Oxford History of Modern Europe series, published by Oxford University Press in late 2022. 

I am now working on a history of Religion and Politics in Modern European History from 1789 to 1960 for Princeton University Press. 

With Jan E. Goldstein and Fredrik Albritton Jonsson, I am also an editor of The Journal of Modern History.

Books and Essays on Central European History and Modern European History

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Coeditor (with Jan E. Goldstein). Nineteenth-Century Europe: Liberalism and Its Critics. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1988.

Coeditor (with Jan E. Goldstein). Twentieth-Century Europe. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987.


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On the History of the University of Chicago

The University of Chicago: A History. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2015. 

The following papers are published in the College's Occasional Papers on Higher Education Series. 

Volume XXVI. Insider Visions of the University: Thorstein Veblen, William Benton and John Benton on the Identity of the University of Chicago – October 26, 2021

Volume XXV. Charles H. Judd, an Empire of Testing, and the 'Science of Education' – October 29, 2019

Volume XXIV. ‘The Universities and the Promise of American Life – October 24, 2017 

Volume XXIII. ‘Higher Education in America and Europe Around 1900’: Some Perspectives on Our Shared History and Its Relevance For Our Time – October 18, 2016

Volume XXII. ‘A Hell of a Job Getting it Squared Around’: Three Presidents in Times of Fundamental Change: Ernest D. Burton, Lawrence A. Kimpton, and Edward H. Levi – October 30, 2012

Volume XXI. ‘Teaching at a University of a Certain Sort’: Education at the University of Chicago Over the Past Century – October 18, 2011

Volume XX. ‘Not as a Thing for the Moment, but for All Time’: The University of Chicago and Its Histories – October 19, 2010

Volume XIX. ‘A Noble and Symmetrical Conception of Life’: The Arts at Chicago on the Edge of a New Century – October 27, 2009

Volume XVIII. ‘The Kind of University That We Desire to Become’: Student Housing and the Educational Mission of the University of Chicago – October 28, 2008

Volume XVII. ‘We are All Islanders to Begin With’: The University of Chicago and the World in the Late Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries – October 30, 2007

Volume XVI. A Twentieth-century Cosmos: The New Plan and the Origins of General Education at Chicago – October 31, 2006

Volume XV. ‘Broad and Christian in the Fullest Sense’: William Rainey Harper and the University of Chicago – October 25, 2005

Volume XIII. The ‘Persistence to Keep Everlastingly at It’: Fund-raising and Philanthropy at Chicago in the Twentieth Century – October 26, 2004

Volume XII. Judson’s War and Hutchins’s Peace: The University of Chicago and War in the Twentieth Century – October 28, 2003

Volume X. Academic Freedom and the Modern University: The Experience of the University of Chicago – May 20, 2016

Volume VIII. The Organization of the College and the Divisions in the 1920s and 1930s – October 30, 2001

Volume VI. Building for a Long Future: The Role of the Trustees in the Early University – October 17, 2000

Volume IV. The University of Chicago in the 1960s and 1970s – October 19, 1999

Volume III. Continuity & Change: The College as a Sponsor of Research and Teaching – October 20, 1998

Volume II. Continuity & Change: The College as an Advocate of Curricular Innovation and Debate – October 21, 1997

Volume I. Continuity & Change: The College as a Member of the Wider University – October 22, 1996

"Drafting Salvation." University of Chicago Magazine (December 1995): 18–21.


—Appointed to Sixth Term as Dean of the College
—Completes a scholarly history of the University of Chicago.
—Awarded a doctorate honoris causa by the University of Vienna on the occasion of the university's 650th anniversary, at the Dies Honorum ceremony in Vienna on May 13, 2015.